Brighton bound

With the World Fantasy Convention about to kick-off tomorrow, this is just a short reminder… for myself as much as anyone else.

Friday 1 November I’ll be reading at Hall 8B, 3.00-3.30pm, starting with a selection from my novella Helen’s Story. I’ll also read an extract from “Lambeth North”, a short story in the Horror Without Victims anthology that sheds a different light on a part of London that Arthur Machen once described as ‘shapeless’, ‘unmeaning’ and dismal beyond words’. But here South London holds its own…

On Saturday 2 November at 12.00-1.00pm I’ll join Tessa Farmer, Alison Littlewood, Emma Newman and Jana Oliver on a panel, The Little People: When the Fairies Come Out to Play, which takes place in the Cambridge Room. “Arthur Machen lived in a golden age for stories regarding fairies, but his repulsive Little People are a million miles away from those of Peter Pan. In modern times Tessa Farmer has created her own malevolent fairy creations. The panel looks at how Machen and other authors and artists have used folklore, the landscape, science and literature to create stories of the faerie otherworld.”

Outside of this… I haven’t yet got around to circling the other events I’ll be going to. Might do that on the train. In the meantime, I can say with some confidence that I’ll be frequenting the bar and generally hanging out. Hope to see some of you there!

Now, I’ll also add that just like the Edinburgh Festival, WFC will have a little Fringe it can call its own. This is the Pirate Fringe, featuring improvised events, readings and  ‘bierklatsches’ – informal chat and beer with writery people.

Check out Pop up Pirates here, and keep an eye out for flyers at the convention:

And now, I have to get back to my preparations. What to wear, what to bring, what bits to read, what to say about fairies…

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