Interviews, interviews!

Shirley Jackson award logoJust a quick note to mention that Kristin Centorcelli has interviewed me over at SF Signal about Helen’s Story and its Shirley Jackson Award nomination, and Charles Tan has also had a few words with me on the Shirley Jackson Awards site.

As for the award itself, well… I didn’t win. But as I wrote in a previous post, it was a thrill just to be nominated. And the novella that received the award, Veronica Schanoes’ Burning Girls, is an excellent story that is available online at You can also download it as a free ebook here. It was a very strong list and I was honoured to be on it, among some great company.

I’ll be back again very soon with some publication news and updates, plus my doings at Geekfest, LonCon and Fantasycon.

2 responses to “Interviews, interviews!

  1. Two interesting interviews. It must be good to be able to elaborate on what you do and why (I was interviewed a couple of times in my punk band days and as a Lesbian Avenger, but have not been as a writer). Some good stuff about how a novella differs from a novel or short story (and not in terms of word count!). Each is a craft of its own, of course, but it’s good to know that others realise this – the idiot who informed me that I write short stories because I’m ‘working up to writing a novel’ was one of the reasons I decided I needed to engage with the writing community again!

    And while it’s inevitably disappointing not to have got the Shirley Jackson award (you wouldn’t be human otherwise), the nomination was fantastic and still something to show off about!

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