Rosanne1Do I write literary or genre fiction, slipstream, dark fantasy, speculative fiction or social surrealism or just plain weird shit? I write across several genres and sometimes that “L” word (and in this particular case, I’m not talking about a preference for ladies) has been attached to my work. Whatever you want to call it, I hope this blog will provide some useful information about my writing.

I first started to get serious about writing when I helped produce ‘zines in the 1990s like Feminaxe and Bad Attitude. I laid out pages and contributed articles, reviews and interviews. Then I began to make stuff up. My fiction has since found its way to places like Midnight Street, Postscripts, The Third Alternative and its successor Black Static. I also completed a creative writing MA at Sheffield Hallam University.

My novella Helen’s Story was released by PS Publishing in 2013, and later received a nomination for the Shirley Jackson Award. Other work in print includes stories and novellas in anthologies – you can find out more about these on the Short Fiction page and you’ll also find a story on the Free Fiction page. And of course, many of these tales are now collected in Resonance & Revolt

I still write some non-fiction, usually in the form of extended rants on union, community and campaign websites.

I live in South London where I engage in a variety of occupations including care work and freelance editing. I enjoy strong coffee, whisky and raucous music of all kinds. Though I once played bass in a band called the Sluts from Outer Space, I now confine my musical activities to listening, dancing and writing stories about it.

To find out more, you can read some interviews with me on this page.

Contact me at: rosannerabinowitz(at)gmail.com
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  1. Hey up !!!
    How you doing ?any more books and writing ?fancy a pint ..or two ..when I’m in London .I’ve moved to Manchester where I’m a CPN .welcome to come and stay in sunny Salford when you want !!!
    Happy Easter

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