A time to tweet, a time to swear

tweeeeep2I resisted Twitter for a long time because I saw it as a prime procrastination outlet, similar to the one I find in Facebook.

However, I began to tweet for campaign groups a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. But there I had a defined brief. I tweeted on specific days about specific subjects, which stopped me from getting obsessed or giving into temptation to pile into arguments with well-known timewasters.

Campaign style, however, rules out swearing – and that’s fair enough. However, with recent events I’ve had an increasing urge to send out my very own sweary tweets.

So I’ve joined Twitter at last. I’m still finding my tweeting feet… But I can say that there’ll be a lot of tweeting about writing, reading and ranting. There may be occasional links to articles about quantum physics that I don’t understand.  And I’ll share plenty of music, satire and general geeky things.

Anyone who’s interested can follow me on Twitter here.

I’ll finish with a song by Dubioza Collectiva that I tweeted recently. Dosta! Enough!










Is it just about the boobies?

In the past week I’ve been delighted to see viewer numbers on this website shBlue-footed-booby_public domainooting up. And the new viewers come from all over: Cyprus, Brazil, Bulgaria, South Africa, Australia, Brunei Darussalam (first I heard of the place), US, Latvia, Vietnam, Peru, Kenya…

Is it likely that all these people – perhaps you, dear reader – have read one of my tales and want to know more about my work or the peculiar mind behind it? Or have new viewers taken an interest in some of the political issues I’ve touched upon or ranted about? Or maybe, just maybe a review of Helen’s Story has appeared in some mass circulation paper or website, which has somehow escaped the net of my repeated vanity googling…

So I’ve been sifting through my WordPress stats, trying to divine their meaning as if they are tea leaves or the entrails of sacrificed animals. As expected, the WordPress oracle reports a vast majority of search terms as ‘unknown’ or ‘other’. But I also get a solid number of search variations on ‘booby’, ‘boobies’, ‘boobys’, ‘boobi’.

It’s likely that the rise in visitors has something to do with that rather than my literary output. But what kind of boobies are we talking about? It could be the feathered, often blue-footed variety or a certain part of the female anatomy. Perhaps a mixture of both. One search term did specify ‘boobi bird’ and the critter on the right has been getting a lot of clicks. And when I did my own booby-oriented search on Google, the birds came up most. After all, breasts are usually called ‘boobs’ rather than ‘boobies’ by adults.

On the other hand, I suspect that the individual who searched for ‘boobies, boobies, boobies’ probably was not concerned with the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands.

I’m still bemused by this sudden surge in viewers because boobies have been a fixture on this site for months. I use a booby image as my WordPress ‘blavatar’, and I’ve posted a dancing booby a while ago to signify my pleasure over a positive review. I also wonder why the biggest portion of hits come from the US, when up to now visitors have been mostly drawn from my home turf in the UK. Could there be a huge concentration of booby fans in the US?

Booby appreciation
I also checked whether a booby appreciation week sponsored by a conservation organisation could be inspiring a spike in booby-oriented searches. The (UK-based) Galapagos Conservation Trust does indeed hold fundraising drives where supporters dress up like boobies and do booby dances, but according to the trust’s website the most recent Blue-footed Booby Day took place in June 2011.

I’ll hasten to add that the booby imagery was not intended as a crafty exercise in search engine optimisation. I genuinely like boobies. Perhaps you can recall a recurring drunken end-of-party conversation: “If you were an animal, what would you be?”

I often replied ‘Cat!’ because I loved cats. But come to think of it, as much as I like cats, feline really isn’t me. After all. cats take themselves very seriously. They’re cool. No… If you compared me to an animal, it would have to be a blue-footed booby.

Boobies are comical, they like to dance! And the dance they do reminds me so much of those 80s reggae moves that involved lifting one foot, than the other, swaying and knee-bending to heavy spliff-laden dub. So many fond memories there…

Your feet’s too big
Maybe I identify with boobies because I underwent plenty of piss-taking when I was a kid for having big feet. I heard that Fats Waller song ‘Your feet’s too big’ too many times. Finding daintier or more fashionable footwear was impossible, unless I went to an expensive specialist shop or had a rare stroke of luck at TK Maxx.

“Your feet’s too big, Can’t stand you because your feet’s too big, From the neck on up, I think you’re sweet, From the neck on down, Too much feet…”

But the booby is actually admired and loved for its prominent and colourful feet. What’s more, big feet are considered highly fanciable in the booby world – the bigger and brighter the feet, the more likely a dancing booby will pull.

So if you’re a booby lover stumbling on to this site by accident, were you disappointed? “What! Is that all the booby action you get? That’s some real sneaky SEO. Who the fuck is this Rosanne person anyway?”

Or could you be thinking, hey here’s another weirdo who likes boobies. So let’s look at this novella thing here. Could Helen’s Story be about one woman’s struggle to establish herself in the man’s world of ornithology?

But in any case, I’ll extend a big welcome. Maybe I don’t offer what you set out to find originally, but have a look around. The beauty of the internet lies in surprise. I’m very curious to hear what brought you here, so feel free to post comments. And if you like the boobies, you just might like the books too.