Well, looks like I’ve been a bad little blogger and I’ve neglected this page for several years. It’s now in need of a massive update. That is coming soon! I’ll be adding links to items such as my introduction to the Swan River Press edition of Lucifer and the Child, a guest post about music for writing, and an account of putting together my debut collection Resonance & Revolt.

Meanwhile, here’s the original page below…

In the summer of 2014 Spectral Press started to publish an archive of Joel Lane stories, accompanied by an introduction from another writer. As part of the series I selected his story Midnight Flight”, which appeared in The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies in 2011. I contributed to this collection as well, with “The Pearl and the Boil”. When I received my contributor’s copy, I turned to Joel’s story first. I found that both our stories took on a similar theme – someone is searching for a disturbing and alluring anthology that they read as youngsters, which wielded a great influence on their lives. And while mine was 10,000+ words, Joel told his story with enviable and haunting economy.

And now, here’s an article about the universal stitch-up of “Universal Credit” on the NUJ London Freelance Branch’s website.

Going back a bit further…
My reviews and interviews have previously appeared in The Third Alternative (forerunner of Black Static), Paradox and Interzone.

In the mid-2000s I also wrote for the New Review, a leading literary website run by Edinburgh-based writer Laura Hird.
NOTE (7/5/14): Laura has informed me that a mix-up on the part of Yahoo has resulted in the site going down, so you won’t get any joy by clicking on the links below. However, she does intend to get something sorted with the site in the near future, so I’ll leave the links on the page for the time being.

Here’s a sampling, including this interview:


“The world happens twice”:
Interview with Elizabeth Hand in 2007, along with a review of her novel Generation Loss.

A shorter version of this interview had been published in Interzone 208 in 2007.

Here are some of my book reviews:

The Book of Voices edited by Mike Butscher
Refusal Shoes by Tony Saint
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
The Fahrenheit Twins by Michel Faber
Castles Made of Sand by Gwyneth Jones
The Nine Muses edited by Forrest Aguirre and Deborah Lane
Not the End of the World by Kate Atkinson
City, Silver, Sister by Jachym Topol, translated by Alex Zucker

I’m also planning a new page that will recall my involvement in producing ‘zines in the 1990s such as Feminaxe and Bad Attitude. I hope to feature lavish illustrations and graphics, plus links to interesting ‘zines now being produced.

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