Resonance & Revolt


Nominated for the British Fantasy Award 2019 (Best Collection)

Unfulfilled desires transmit themselves across the years in unfathomable ways…
Greil Marcus, Lipstick Traces

A sect of sensual medieval heretics stumbles upon the secrets of quantum entanglement, a centuries-old wanderer thrives on rebellion as well as blood in the ruins of post-WWI Munich. Anti-austerity demonstrations lead to haunting connections with past and parallel events, while quantum computing meets ‘welfare reform’ in our near-future. Meanwhile, persecuted Jews in early 20th century Russia must decide whether extraterrestrials are allies or the schnorrers out of space…

The stories span the centuries in a remarkable mixture of European history and the familiar world of modern Britain – as well as some all-too-likely near futures. These stories are rooted in the spirit of resistance and rebellion without ever feeling didactic. They are coloured with a sense of the fantastic, the surreal and even the mystical – rubbing shoulders with the reality that arises from every street, every shout of fury or peal of laughter, every dizzying glimpse of human possibilities.

Here’s the table of contents. Where possible I’ve linked with a post related to the story, or a review from another website. For the introduction I’ve linked to Lynda E. Rucker’s website so you can find out more about this award-winning writer and critic. There is also a link to the blog of Mat Joiner: writer, poet and co-author of The Turning Track.


Introduction by Lynda E. Rucker
In the Pines
Return of the Pikart Posse
Bells of the Harelle
The Matter of Meroz
Survivor’s Guilt
These Boots
The Pleasure Garden
Living in the Vertical World
Lambeth North
The Colour of Water
The Peak
Pieces of Ourselves
Keep Them Rollin’
The Lady in the Yard
Tasting the Clouds
The Turning Track (with Mat Joiner)
Afterword by the Author

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